Delivering Ketogenic Food to Southwestern Ontario. Now delivering to Stratford, St. Marys, Gads Hill, Shakespeare and Tavistock.

About - Our Story

Gloria & Dr. Domenic D'Agostino

I was first introduced to a Ketogenic diet when I met Dr. Domenic D'Agostino  and began distributing his 4- Salt Ketone Supplement.  


The results of taking the supplement and following a ketogenic diet were nothing short of spectacular. I was a serial dieter, and dedicated foodie and had  finally found a sustainable way of eating! 


It was the end of dieting, cravings and yoyo weight gain/loss. 


Food is medicine.


My family has a history of Type 2 Diabetes, and with the ketogenic diet, I was able to take my father off his metformin medication. 


More importantly, my mother was beginning with early signs of dementia, and the more I learned, the more apparent it became, a ketogenic lifestyle ( and staying in ketosis) had important health benefits to improve the quality of her life.


The downside was that I was cooking ALL the time. There was not a place to purchase ketogenic foods. All prepared foods had hidden sugar, everything from salami to soup.


 I finally had enough, and taking my decades as an entrepreneur, my passion for food (after all I'm Italian) and the ketogenic knowledge I had gained through doctors and nutritionists, Keto Health Foods was born in the winter of 2017.